Wooz World

Woozworld is an online virtual world, which provides a great deal of games and activities. It allows you to create your own world, create an avatar, called a woozen, dress up your woozen with the latest and greatest, most stylish clothes and accessories. It also allows you to throw numerous parties and events, chat to other members online as well as make new friends. Woozworld allows you to express your unique style and creativity in a fun and safe environment. As a result of Woozworld being a browser based virtual world, there are no downloads required to play this game online. The game provides gamers with empowerment as well as allows you to develop your creativity, style, individuality and social skills.

Before you begin to participate in the fun and activities that this game has to offer, you need to start by creating your own character, called a woozen. You will be required to choose between a boy or a girl and will be then need to choose between 4 characters of the gender you have chosen. However remember that you will be able to customize the appearance of your woozen at a later stage. After selecting your woozen, you will then proceed to entering your details, or that of your parents, in order to create a Woozworld account.

Once you have completed creating your account, the game begins. Before entering Woozworld and starting with your creation for your very own place, you will be sent to complete simple quests. After completing these few simple tasks, you will be set free to create your own world. The game allows you to create your very own, unique place called a unitz. You are able to transform your unitz into whatever you desire and then invite friends to visit. This is a space where you are able to exploit your creativity and individuality

To view your profile as well as basic information, click on “WoozIn”, which is located at the top left of your screen. Next to your profile picture, you will be able to see your total amount of Beex and Wooz of which you have accumulated, as well as be directed to your unitz. You may also click on the trophy image displayed on the right of your picture in order to see the full list of your achievements. You are also given the option to change your woozen’s mood and status, by typing it into the blank space under your photo. By selecting the “Wallz” icon, you are able to see your friends’ activity as well as write on your wallz or on that of your friends. You are also able to post any YouTube videos on your wallz. If you would like to send a message or video to all your friends, then simply click “share”. You can also click on “Woozup” to show that you like, agree, or support what they have posted. Inbox is where you both send and receive messages to and from your fellow woozens. Throughout the game, you have the option of taking photos of whatever you please. You are then able to create an album and go to “Albumz” to view your photos. If you are unable to find your friends online, you are able to select “Search for a Woozen” to find your friends and connect to them as woozens. By selecting “Friends”, you are able to see your full list of friends, you are also able to add your best friends to your list of “Hot friends” and as a result, you will be notified of everything that your friends are doing in Woozworld.

Throughout the game you are able to use various actions. You are offered both emo icons as well as moves. The emo icons may be used for statuses, wallz posts and messages. As a result of using the emo expressions, it allows you to get your emotions across clearly and easily, so that you are not misunderstood or misinterpreted.  Emo expressions include, sad, wink, smile, sick, angry and more. There are also numerous others available, however in order to access them, you need to be a VIP member. Movez is another option found in the actions category. You are able to get your character to participate in doing various moves to enhance the connection between you and other woozens. Movez include the head shake, side step, bounce bounce, light strike gun, lite spirits wand, and touch down, as well as additional movez, again available to Wooworld VIP members only. The Actionz icon is located at the bottom of your screen and is represented in the form of a lightning bolt. As a result of the actionz facility, you are able to fully come to grips with the role of your woozen and clearly express yourself to fellow woozens.

To complete your Woozworld life, you are also able to have your very own pet. Go to WooPet, located on the left hand side of your screen. Here you can adopt a dog to gain rewards. You are also given the option to change your dog’s appearance, by changing the colors. There is a wide variety of colors available and they range in various shades. This allows you to have a pet, of which you have always wanted, without all the fuss, responsibilities and expenses involved.

Play in Wooz World (US & Canada) Play in Wooz World (International)

 Not only are you able to get a pet but you are also able to shop for many more items to complete your woozens look, as well as complete or redecorate your own world. In order to access the various shops, simply click on the “Shopz” icon on the left side of your screen, or the shopping bags image at the bottom of the screen. There are 9 different categories to shop in, depending on what you are looking for. Many of the categories also have various sub sections within them, in order to segregate the items and therefore make your shopping experience quick and easy. The 9 different categories include the following:

  • New Stuff– this includes the latest and greatest items available. These range from clothing, to accessories, to features and furniture.
  • WoozWoodz – this offers a variety of items, which can be found in the following 3 section:
  1. Clothing – this provides a range of both male and female clothing.
  2. Furniture – here you will find a wide range of furniture to cater for all your needs as well as fully equip your unitz.
  3. Unitz – this has a wide variety of items which cater for both male and female.
  • Clothing Girls – again within this category there are various sections that include, Hairstyles, which are available in various colors and styles, Make-up, you are given various styles of make-up to enhance your woozen’s facial features, Tops, these come in a variety of styles, colors, textures and designs, Dresses, again these are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, textures and designs, Bottoms, these range from long to short to mini and are available in many colors and designs from casual to start, and lastly, Shoes, which range in styles from boots to sandals to casual sneakers. . All sections have a wide variety to offer you and you are bound to find what you are looking for.
  • Clothing Boys – here you are also able to find various sections within this category to enhance the appearance of your woozen. The sections include, Hairstyles, these are available in all colors and styles as well as include various accessories, Faces, here you get to choose from an assortment of different styled faces to best portray your character, Bottoms, these range in length, colors as well as styles, Tops, you are bound to find a style that suits you as there is a wide variety to choose from and lastly Shoes, from boots, to slip on sandals these section offers you everything you could imagine.
  • Furniture – Yetis, here you are able to have your very own yeti character, games, choose from an endless option of entertainment to make your home into a fun place, boutiques, this includes a wide range of ornamental items to enhance the look of your unitz, house, these are accessories to complete your house and change the entire look and feel, movie sets, this includes accessories to change your unitz into a fun and recognizable way, doors, here you will find a wide range of doors for various functions in order to suit your needs, music, if music is the way to your soul then you are bound to find great items here, outdoors, from campfires to lanterns and mechanical bulls, and lastly transportation, Choose from a wide variety of transportation, which includes dog sleds, luxury tour busses and a great deal more .
  • wooz world places to go
  • Unitz – trips, homes, boutiques, luxury, outdoors. All unitz are unique and many are theme based. The unitz include things such as Halloween block party, Venice Romance, Ice Igloo and many more. These unitz will provide the foundation of an amazing place.
  • Woopetz – woopetz, foodz, accessories, tricks. Here you are able to purchase various kinds of animals to keep as a pet. If you have already purchased a pet, then you will need to purchase food and accessories to keep your pet happy. You are also able to purchase tricks here, allowing your pet to do certain moves and be just as unique and impressive as you are.
  • Beex – clothing, furniture, unitz. This consists of items that are on sale and allow you to use your beex to purchase the. Therefore if you do not have enough wooz or are simply saving them for something special, then this is the place to shop at. However the variety contained in each section is very limited.
  • Clearance – clothing, furniture, unitz. These sections consist of a wide variety of item, which have all me discounted. Here is where you are able to pick up some really great bargains as they are selling off the last remaining items. However don’t be fooled, the items are all very trendy and they offer something for everyone.
  • Energy – here you are able to purchase energy. It is available in many packages and therefore you are able to purchase as much or as little as you require.
  • Prestige – as you earn prestige throughout the game for voting, taking photos as well as participating in other tasks, you are able to use your prestige in order to make purchases. However to make purchases in this category, you will need to be of a certain level prestige level and it will also cost you additional wooz or beex. In this category, you are able to purchase both unitz and furniture, which both offer a large variety of choices.
  • VIP – again you are able to purchase a wide variety of exclusive items. However, to purchase from this specific category, you need to have VIP status, be of a certain prestige level, as well as use your wooz, over and above the initial requirements, in order to make any purchases in this category.

As a result of offering so many various categories, it makes your shopping experience both quick and easy. You are able to conveniently find exactly what you are looking within a short time span. The categories are broad and therefore you are able to find exactly what you are looking for. Many of the items in a few of the categories are exclusive and therefore only a limited number of woozens have access to these purchases, therefore making you unique and special.

You are given the option to subscribe and become a Woozworld VIP member and choose between 4 packages. These include the following:

  • 1 month package, which includes 1000 wooz, 1000 Beex, 1 unitz and more.
  • 3 month package, this includes 3500 wooz, 3500, 1 unitz and a whole lot more.
  • 6 month package, this includes 6000 wooz, 6000 Beex, 2 unitz and more.
  • 12 month package, which includes 8500 wooz, 8500 Beex, 2 unitz, plus much more.

As a result of purchasing a VIP pass, you also receive new items before everyone else, more woozens in your unitz, express pass in unitz queues, more votes everyday as well as more moves and emos. You are also given the choice of purchasing a Spookz collection package, which is available for both him and her. This includes outfits and wooz depending on the package you wish to select. Not only are you able to select such substantial packages, but you are also able to purchase additional wooz, if you still feel that you require more in order to successfully develop you online world. Another package available is an ALL ACCESS 7 DAYS VIP. All the various packages and deals on offer will most certainly help to enhance your experience.  You are also able to purchase packages that consist of a room. These range from cutest room, to boys hang out, beauty spa, ultimate gamerz, spacious living room, high end boutique, iron chef kitchen, MEGA unitz offer as well as 7 cool unitz. These provide a basis for you to work upon. This is also ideal if you would like to live in the virtual world and chat to friends as well as make new friends, yet designing your own unitz does not necessarily appeal to you.

Therefore of it is fun and entertainment that you are looking for, then Woozworld is the game for you. Woozworld offers you to opportunity of joining a community of millions of players. It can be described as simply the coolest place to hang out with existing friends, as well as make new friends. This is an online environment that provides you with the opportunity to exploit your creativity and really show the world exactly what you are made of. Woozworld is undoubtedly the place for you, so what are you waiting for?

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Play in Wooz World (US & Canada) Play in Wooz World (International)