Virtual World 2D

Read a review on another world that closed recently is similiar to OurWorld except it was a 3D world instead of a 2d virtual world. It closed in early March 2010. OurWorld is a great example of an exciting and ever growing 2d gaming world. Play OurWorld by joining above or read more here about the free virtual online world. brought a whole new meaning to social networking sites. Instead of the regular live chat forums, you could literally 'hang' out with your friends throughout the world of pixels. With it, you had the accessibility to participate in a wide variety of fun and interactive games and many other features. made Facebook sound like something my grandparents used, even though it was created before Facebook. It was a virtual 3d world which was somewhat different to OurWorld's 2d virtual world environment.

Alike all other avatar social sites, you had the ability to customize your avatar, and also change its appearance at your will, depending on your current mood and what activity you were taking part in - and there was a lot...

Be A People Magnet - You could meet new friends simply by watching your computer screen without moving!

Get In On The Action - A wide majority of fun, time consuming activities that kept you glued to your screen. Events such as surfing, paintballing and many more!

Shop Til You Drop - Can't be bothered to drive to your shopping centre? Then you could purchase clothes from a stunning range of fashion designs, made personally for, which enabled your avatar to be the most envied!

Meet Someone New You could visit clubs and restaurants, and talk to people who lived on the other side of the continent and become great friends!

Let Your Imagination Go Crazy in this 3d virtual world - Decorate a virtual house, include accessories that you'd normally never dream of owning.

Market Your Magic - For a small fee you had the ability to live your dreams and design your very own unique range of fashion, without the critics!

The above is just a small selection of what as a 3d virtual world had to offer, and isn't exaggerating when it said you will meet new friends and have great fun. However OurWorld offers up a great fun 2d experience similar to Theres 3d experience. OurWorld is a fantastic virtual world in 2d that allows you to play games inside the game itself.

People were friendly and sophisticated, unlike real life - and before you know it you've spent an hour or two gazing at the computer screen, eager to do the next activity or talk to someone new. Before you know it, 'There' was a part of your daily schedule.

Some people, myself partially included, prefer to make friends the original way - but that wouldn't have stopped you from using There as a social networking site. Simply by chatting with friends, whilst enjoying a range of games at the same time, without delving into the vast experiences that it has to offer. Over 20,000 clubs to be more precise.

So far so good, right? Well, it got better. What impressed me was that members could actually use the product designer tool to actually survey the popularity of their products. Anyone who aspired to be a famous fashion designer, or own their own furniture range was sure to improve their skills utilizing this very useful tool - which unfortunately came with a price...

Unsurprising, as with all good 3d virtual world games, there comes at a price and the requirement of membership. You may of had however, free membership, for a short period of time, and during it experienced a limited amount of the game. To become a member with full access however, you were required to pay a one-time only fee of $9.95, and the same again if you wished to download the design tool kit.

Which was a respectable amount, and will seem like chicken feed when it slowly becomes the highlight of your day. OurWorld offers membership as a resident to its virtual 2d world at a respectable price of 5.99 per month.