Teen Virtual World

A Guide to the free virtual world online

ourWorld is a fun-thrilled game that is the best teen virtual world online, and has an unlimited amount of things to do... However, with this comes the trouble of how to do it. The following should ease you into, and guide you throughout your ourWorld experience, ensuring you get the most out of your time spent their.

ourWorld'S SOCIETY

Firstly, when you begin, you'll notice that you aren't prompted to type in any information. Instead, you'll simply be what's called a guest, alongside a randomly generated number. Guests can participate in a small amount of features but be warned... if you exit ourWorld the data will not be saved. Guests DO have the ability to save, and once you do so you are asked to type in a password, username and e-mail address. Your username will act as your avatar's name, you only need to enter the e-mail and password upon login.

Now you have been rewarded with the ability to save, you have ranked up in the free virtual world online society. Congratulations you are now a tourist. Tourists have access to a reasonable amount of features such as games, avatars and the ability to level up whilst unlocking new things, however, this process can be made incredibly easier if you pay to play, and become what's known as a 'Resident'. This costs 5.99 each month, or you can pay a years subscription whilst saving 30% on the final cost, this amounts to 49.99. The main methods to pay for these are PayPal and Credit Card.


So... you already have reasonable access to what ourWorld has to offer, so why become a member? For starters you get free gems each month, or an enormous amount if ordered yearly, you have a bigger space for your condo, win free exclusive items every month, earn 2x more flow giving you the ability to level up much faster, no adverts whilst loading a feature, (the payments are worth getting rid of this alone) enjoy areas only available to Residents and access the ability to enter a prize draw for free gems everyday. All of this amounts to a much more enjoyable experience, which is surely worth a small price.


Although there aren't any focused objectives in ourWorld, leveling up gives access to hundreds of new features, ranging from clothing to areas. So unsurprisingly it's what people tend to concentrate on. The flow meter is located in the bottom left hand side of the corner, and consists of a number in the middle, and a circular color partially filling the circumference.

The number represents the level of the player, and when the color around this completes one full circle, this number increases by one. To increase flow you must participate in one of ourWorld's many activities, and whilst you continue to do so this meter gradually fills up. To increase this level of flow you must become a member, then the meter will increase twice as fast as the standard tourist rate.

Ok, so you have this flow... What do you do with it? Well, you'll notice if you click on the flow level, a small screen will pop-up. Here you can choose one of the three activities to spend your flow, they both have basic instructions underneath. When you spend a certain number of flow on any of these activities, you're avatar's level will increase, and normally you'll unlock something new. The flow required for the next level increases the more experienced you become.

The small screen that appears is called Prize Central, and the three ways to spend your flow are The Prize Wheel, The Bubbler and The Daily Jackpot.

The Prize Wheel costs 1 flow and randomly generates a prize, ranging from measly amounts of coins to an enviable item of clothing.

The Bubbler is the same concept as the Prize Wheel, except the prize gets better depending on how much flow you spend, choosing a bubble which costs 5 flow will generate a prize better than a bubble that only costs 1 flow.

Finally, The Daily Jackpot in the free virtual world online costs only 1 flow, and is similar to the lottery, you can earn gems without paying real money or substantial amounts of gold. Don't count on winning often with this however.


ourWorld has a huge selection of games, these numbers regularly fluctuate to ensure that only the best games are available to it's players. Playing these games is also probably the most popular method to increase flow as they can pass time very quickly. So to get started, below I have written some outlines as to how to play some of these games, so you can increase your flow as fast as possible. These games can be located by pressing the Games icon on the top of the screen, then on PopCap Arcade.

Plants Vs Zombies

This is an incredibly addictive game in which the objective is to repel the zombies, using a variety of different strategies, preventing them from reaching the house. You start of with one strip of grass and a line of zombies advancing towards you. You are instructed to build a plant, this plant then shoots out a seed, after several attacks the zombies die.

As you progress you will earn a new variety of plants, each with their own specific feature, however, the waves will become harder with stronger zombies which require more to kill. On the second level, their will be 3 paths in which the zombies can attack, and later on in the game, the remaining two will open, which will mean you ought to keep all paths defended.

Bejeweled 2

Bejeweled is a classic game, in which you must swap two adjacent jewels to make a match of 3+ of the same type of gem. The version in ourWorld, the only vector based free virtual world online, is by far the best version of Bejeweled you can play for free online.

Matching 3 correctly will simply eliminate the gems and more will drop off the top of the screen and the rest will slide down respectively, and points will be awarded.

Matching 4 of the same type will create a power gem, three of the four matches will disappear and one of the same gem with a glowing aura in the middle will remain. Matching this again with a pair or more of the same type of gem will cause it to explode and eliminate all gems closely surrounding it.

Matching 5 of the same type will create a hypergem, four of the gems used will disappear and one white orb will remain, match this with and pair and all gems of that type on screen will be eliminated!

The levels gradually become harder, and on the main screen you have the option to either play the classical mode, or play the timed mode, in which there is a set time to complete the task.


In Zuma, you have to direct the shooter in the middle of the screen which you will see is holding a colored ball, and there will be a distinct trail in which a long line of various colour balls will follow. The colours consist of blue, green, red and yellow, and you have to fire the ball in the mouth at this line of balls, if you match up 3+ of the same colour they will disappear and earn you points. However, if the ball at the beginning of the trail ends up towards the opening mouth of the golden skull, then you will lose, be warned - you only have three lives.

A useful hint is to fire the balls that'll make the largest break up possible, and work at the hole it creates, this will mean that the beginning of the trail won't go further until it re-connects with the broken part of the trail. Delaying it's movements.


Your Condo

In ourWorld there are several things you will need to get to grips with whilst starting out. Firstly, many players are proud to present their Condo's - an area in which they have designed themselves using furniture and designs purchased from the ourWorld stores. Players often find rivalry in this, aiming to create the best so it would be useful to know where to begin. Firstly, to enter your Condo, click on GO in the top left of the interface and click My Condo.

You will enter a small room accompanied by your avatar, assuming you haven't already tampered with your Condo, there will only be two pieces of green furniture. Towards the top left of the screen there will be a small menu. Your inventory will allow you to view purchased items and place them in your Condo, the shop will allow you to browse the ourWorld stores for more ways to design your Condo and there will also be a move icon, so you can place everything to your discretion.

Public Chat

Another common feature in the online world is speaking in public chat, you can do this by locating the small text box in the bottom right hand corner, simply click on it, insert whatever you want to say and press enter. The writing will then appear above your avatar's head on the main screen, available for everyone to view. Be warned, any violent or suspicious behaviour can get you banned and actions maybe followed up.

Other People's Character Menu

By clicking on another person's avatar, a small menu will appear allowing you several options.

  • The first line simply shows the avatar name and level.
  • The second shows what group they're in - this won't appear if they aren't in one.
  • The third line shows whisper chat allows you to talk privately, chat will not become public.
  • The fourth line allows you to request a group invite if you want them to become part of your group.
  • The fifth line is a dance off in which you each boast your unlocked dance moves!
  • The final option allows you to block a person if they're harassing you, and if needed you may flag them so free virtual world online makers can keep a watchful eye and take action if necessary.

Making Your Way Around ourWorld

The movement controls are relatively simple and take only a matter of minutes to grasp. Simply hover your mouse over different features in the area and click to interact with them. Clicking on the floor will instruct your character to move their, and clicking towards the edge of the screen will cause the screen to move over in that direction, allowing you to explore more of the area.

At different levels you have access to different areas, and even more if you become a Resident. To access these different areas click on GO and then Places. A brochure will appear and move your mouse left and right to scroll through the places available to visit. Those that you can access have information of what to do in the area; those that aren't open to you will be signified by a lock in the middle of the screen.


Gems are an important part in the free virtual world online can be earned when you pay a members fee, either a small portion monthly or one massive dollop for a years residence. However, there are ways to earn Gems without having to pay any real money.

Located in the top right hand side of the main interface is the Get Gems and Free Gems tab. Hovering over this will cause a drop down menu to appear, after the first section, there will be opportunities to earn Gems for free, by completing promotional offers or registering your account with Facebook, or referring ourWorld to your blog or site. From a quick glance and several tryouts, I can confirm that Facebook is possibly the easiest one with a decent payout, yet many of the promotional offers actually require you to spend money. I'm sure though that with time there will be some offers that only require some details filled in, or a simple survey.

Why Are Gems So Special?

Unfortunately, Gems are ourWorld's second currency, and are used to purchase high level clothing and items. During latter levels, you'll find that many items require Gems, which is where the Resident benefits really take effect. It can be frustrating to really want an item, have all the required levels and find out you have to buy them. Maybe with a bit of patience you can earn enough with promotional offers.

Well... there you have it. This guide should ease you into the basic controls of ourWorld and any problems that you encounter, and soon you'll be the envy of all your friends with your high level and flashy Condo!

If your looking to make new friends online ourWorld is by far the easiest free virtual world online to do so. The whole world is designed around making new friends and hanging out together whilst doing many fun things.

We have also written a comparison article on ourWorld vs Woozworld here if you would like to compare the two before trying one.