ourWorld vs Woozworld

Differences and similarities between ourWorld and Woozworld

Both ourWorld and Woozworld are browser based virtual world games and therefore no downloads are required. They are both aimed at children, teenagers and young adults as well as offer you a wide range of opportunities and allow you to express your individuality and style. However with the many similarities between the two virtual worlds, there are also numerous differences. Stuck with a choice between which worlds to live in, well here are the pros and cons of both games and the choice is now up to you.

Both worlds require you to create your own character. Woozworld allows you the choice between a boy or a girl and then you are given four choices from whichever gender you choose. The initial selection of your characters is very limited, although you are able to make changes to your characters appearance later in the game. OurWorld on the other hand has a wide variety of characters to choose from initially. You are able to choose between male or female. Each character option varies in features such as skin color and tone, hair color as well as general style. Like Woozworld, ourWorld also allows you to change and enhance the appearance of your character as the game progresses.

OurWorld is easy to navigate your way around, as it has certain stages laid out, which need to be unlocked, in order to access more facilities. The map facility available to you during the game makes ourWorld easy to navigate your way through. As a result of unlocking the various stages, it also provides you with a sense of accomplishment. This is because throughout the game, you are able to see the progress you are making. However Woozworld does not require you to unlock specific stages in order to make progress in the game. Therefore you may at times feel lost and feel as though you are not progressing any further. Navigation of Woozworld is also more difficult as a result of not having a map available and feeling as though there is no specific purpose or rewards for your accomplishments and participation. As a result of not being able to physically see your progression, it may at times feel as though you are accomplishing no real purpose.

OurWorld has an easy credits system that enables you to earn credits for merely participating in the games and activities that are on offer throughout the many stages. The credits gained are able to be used in all aspects of the game, throughout the entire game. Woozworld however consists of two different credit systems. These include wooz and beex. Although beex are easy to earn, they are not entirely useful. In order to create the world you desire, you will most likely need to purchase wooz at an additional price.

In ourWorld everyone has a place of their own called a condo. This is a realistic looking apartment that already contains the basic features and facilities. Here you are able to rearrange the existing furniture as well as purchase new furniture to transform your condo and make it as unique as possible. You are able to shop at various different furniture shops throughout the game as you unlock the different stages. The furniture shops found in ourWorld are divided into 11 sub sections. Besides merely changing and redecorating your condo with the basic furniture to suit your style, you are not given a large variety of options, which are available in Woozworld. In Woozworld, you are given the opportunity to have a place of your own, called a unitz. This is however not as realistic looking and merely consists of walls and a door. Although it is a basic space, you are provided with more options when it comes to creating your own unique space. Here you are able to purchase furniture and household accessories throughout the game. The furniture category is further divided into 9 sub sections. These sections are broad and allow you to completely change the appearance and style of your unitz. You are able to make drastic changes such as changing your unitz door as well as selecting a theme and kitting out your unitz according to the chosen theme. Therefore, although it may not be as realistic looking as ourWorld condos, you are really able to express your creativity with your Woozworld unitz.

Both Woozworld and ourWorld allow you to have VIP member status at an additional cost. OurWorld allows you to become a resident by subscribing. As a result of becoming a resident, you have the luxury of a large sized condo that offers additional space as well as 150 gems monthly. Subscription to become a resident costs the following as well as includes the following features:

ourworld game: resident

Woozworld also has the options and packages to become a VIP member. The cost of becoming a Woozworld VIP member is as follows:

woozworld game: vip

By becoming a VIP member, you will receive beex and wooz, as well as gain access to unique items. Woozworld provides a wide range of packages, therefore allowing you to choose a package that best suits your needs as well as your bank account.

Again both games offer you actions in order to allow your character to perform actions to enhance the realistic effects of the character. OurWorld offers users a wide range of actions to choose from, which include dance moves, emotes and gestures. Each category has many actions to offer and these may be easily accumulated as a result of leveling up. As a result of having so many options available, you are always able express your feelings accurately. Woozworld offers users two options here, which include emo and movez. Again there are many options within each category. However many of the actions on offer can only be accessed by VIP members. OurWorld therefore offers more options and a greater variety at no additional cost.

Depending on what you are looking for when shopping you are bound to find it in the virtual world. For those who are looking to change the appearance of your character then ourWorld is the game for you. OurWorld gives you the option of changing your characters physical features as well as their dress sense. Physical changes range from skin color and tone to hair color and style, eyebrows, eye size and color, head shapes, nose, mouth as well as height and width of your character. There is also a large variety of clothing and accessories available. The categories include:

  • Bottoms
  • Tops
  • One Piece
  • Coats
  • Head
  • Hair
  • Accessories
  • Feet
  • Hands
  • Special

Each category offers a large variety of items to choose from and you are able to visit the many shops as you progress through the stages. Woozworld however offers you a great variety when it comes to creating a place of your own. You are able to create your own unique space with the many options available to you. You are given a basic space of which you are able to radically transform. While shopping in the furniture category, you are able to find many sub sections. These sub sections include the following:

  • Yetis
  • Games
  • Boutiques
  • House
  • Movie sets
  • Doors
  • Music
  • Outdoors
  • Transportation

Woozworld allows you to choose a theme for your unitz and then provides you with many options to make it come to life. Therefore, depending on where you interest lies, Woozworld, offers you great options to great your own space, whereas ourWorld offers you a wide variety of options when recreating the appearance of your character. 

Therefore both games have very similar characteristics, however differ in various ways and therefore the game for you depends entirely on what you are looking as well as your needs and personality. OurWorld offers you an easy navigational world, which is realistic and has a great deal to offer when it comes to the appearance of your character. OurWorld also offers a wide variety of games and activities to participate in. However if designing your own unique space and chatting to friends is what you are after then this is well offered by Woozworld. The simple space allows you to use your creativity to the utmost and create what you have envisioned. Woozworld also provides you with an easy environment to chat to friends as well as make new friends. Here you are also able to express yourself on your Woozworld wall. Both games are fun and a great way to meet new people as well as provide the basic facilities to explore your creativity as well as a way to express your personality.

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