Second Life: Create a Realistic Virtual 3D World

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In Second Life you can create a realistic 3D avatar and exist in a realistic world where you can meet other cool people. The world is so big and vast plus new items are being added to it all the time.

A perfect example of exactly what it says on the tin, Second Life gives you the opportunity to mould your idealistic lifestyle amidst the ever growing phenomenon that is the Internet. After an uninvitingly endless list of sign up procedures, and security measures, you are finally given the opportunity to delve into the realm of pixels, and immediately make friends amongst the ever growing population of SL. Just register and login with your new account to get going in the virtual world where anything is possible.

At first impressions, SL appears to be another game revolving around avatars in a bid to boost a persons self-esteem or along them lines. However, as I soon found out, it's unimaginably far from it. The sheer attention and detail and unlimited range of activities to be found in SL actually justifies the name Second Life. Five minutes of curiosity turns into casual gameplay, which further progresses into addiction, and suddenly the player cannot help but be immersed in the virtual realm. Continue Reading

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Real Money through Creating Fashion Clothes etc

Contrasting from the enjoyment side of the game, brings the opportunity for workers in real life, to actually attend conferences or meetings via pixels. Simply sign in and the world is at your finger tips. On top of this, there is real money to be made through SL. Creating your own fashion range for avatars and managing the SL economy, all contributing to a healthy wage (real money), enabling an inspiring fashion designer or artist to boast there skills without competing for the attention of wealthy entrepreneurs or desperately trying to advertise whilst producing a low income. Instead the work is released in the touch of some keys.

Even though Second Life is an extremely unique game when it comes down to the vast detail and attention poured into it, it's popularity has decreased dramatically over the course of the past couple of years. The total population peaked at approximately 4 million in 2007, a significant rise from the previous years 400,000. It never failed to capture the focus of an article and news of the avatar Website dispersed into the world, sparking interest in millions of people. Even I was fascinated when I first heard about it.

So apart from endless amounts of activities and an enormous landscape, what else makes Second Life so special? The people are friendly and sociable, the scenery is breath taking and for a countless number of times you'll find yourself attached to the computer screen. When you begin, your unedited avatar will be in 'Prelude' island, otherwise known as the tutorial. Here you will learn the various controls required and will certainly be intrigued into putting them to use. Once the lengthy duration of the tutorial has finished, you'll appear in the main land. Your new life has begun.

Inevitably, the first thing people will do is customize there avatar, utilizing an extensive range of options, resulting in your own, unique avatar whom you'll command throughout SL. Now accompanied by your new avatar, you'll proceed to walk, run, fly and even teleport throughout the realm of SL. Fulfilling your fantasies making friends on the way. It won't be long till Second Life, becomes your life.