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IMVU is a 3D world where you create a virtual avatar of yourself or simply whoever you want to be. After which you can go around and meet other real life players plus much more. Whether you just want to be sociable or your looking for romance IMVU has something for you.

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Amazing chatrooms... User generated rooms' means lots of variety!

So you've got the look, you've got the pad and you've got the feel for this amazing free virtual 3d world. Now you can dive into the world of chatrooms and start to meet people and make new friends. Most of the chatrooms are available to everyone, and there are some very exciting chatrooms that become available when you are a VIP. Like with many things on IMVU, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number and variety of rooms on offer. However, there is a simple way to filter rooms and find the ones you want. Rooms also have a small description and accompanying picture so you know what kind of place you're entering. Furthermore, they have their own score out of five that is given by the users who visit. Once you've found a room that you know you like you can add it to your favourites for future reference!

All the rooms vary in size: some will only allow two or three people whereas others will allow upwards of ten people to enter. It's best to head for these bigger rooms when you're just starting out as more people means more opportunities to connect. Occasionally you might find yourself booted out of a room very quickly and for no reasons. Don't take it personally: some people just want rooms that they can fill with friends not newbies! Who knows, at some point in the future you may be doing the booting!

The great thing about chatting on IMVU is that all the rooms have been generated by the users themselves. This means lots of variety and for new chat rooms to be created all the time. Some have been designed to resemble epic clubs, futuristic chill out rooms and trendy bars. You'll even feel obliged to change your outfit just to suit your setting! The rooms can exude a real cool vibe and users select great tunes to play in the background to really add to the atmosphere.

It's not all partying though. If you want a change of pace from all the full on clubs and bars there are rooms with a more laid back feel. For example, why not head to the gym? We all know it's a great place to meet new people (but just remember to make sure you've bought yourself some good looking gym gear!) If that sounds too intense you could always head to a nice rural hideout in the hills. The room options are really that limitless and you will always keep finding new places to meet and hang out.

In terms of graphics you'll be impressed. Your avatar interacts with people and objects very well. If you take a seat at the bar it looks convincing, likewise if you decide to chill out on a big sofa. You can't walk around the room, but it's very easy to select where you want your avatar to sit/stand/dance and being able to click and move your character instantly makes it easy to navigate around some of the larger rooms!

So a few tips when chatting on IMVU then- Firstly, don't worry if you feel a bit out of your depth. Just relax and you'll hit it off with people in no time. Also, make sure to rate the rooms you visit: you're part of a growing community remember! Finally, have fun. Chatting is ultimately what IMVU is about so go out there and enjoy!

So there it is... IMVU is a new approach to online chat. It's all about fashion, fun and friendships. You may feel lost at first but once you get used to the format IMVU is a great way to meet people online and enjoy a virtual life experience. You can select from several membership options (great if you're just dipping your toe in the water!) The more involved you get, the more you get a chance to generate your own clothes/accessories and make them available for other users to buy. 

The people I've met on IMVU are fashion conscious individuals who want to meet likeminded people online. If this sounds like you, then IMVU is the perfect place to be.

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